Saturday, March 15, 2014

I'm Trying To Make It Work For Me

Resources were scarce..jokers were fighting for them like the Russia / Ukraine Black Sea escapades!

Courses, classes and seminars are given...were fighting back..its about turning lemons into lemonade! 

...even though the old lemon / hooptie is next to Beemers Benzs and Escalades rolling through the ongoing parade down I-20 in Atlanta!

I'm making it work for me;  all praises due to the Lord!! for working it out for me per the Chicago Mass Choir!! understand a bruh? 

Where did the mothership land a bruh?  I'm down here with these earthlings after intergalactic journeys! 

A brother gets breakbeat scientific;  funk is dropped like Waffle House hash browns!! meanwhile down in Georgia and Florida crooked judges lash out at attorneys! 

Its rough on brothers per Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis; now check the Sonic Assault..lessons?  some learn these after the Sonic Blackjack swings!! but this is for the people like those attorneys Morgan and Morgan! 

Some don't learn!! they'll start shooting like Oscar Pistorius..they're hard headed / smoked out or drunk off that Captain Morgan!

Some don't learn..but I know what the deal is...that's why I put it down like this...

The world keeps turning..spinning on its axis..meanwhile I'm back with this...trying to make it work for I put it down like this!!

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