Saturday, October 19, 2013

Whats That Noise PT.3 / Peace Wouldn't Be Still

Finally got peace to be still!! but  it was soon disturbed! 

Damn!!  whats that noise?  did another brotha lose his poise?  I guess the appetite wasn't curbed! 

Whats that voice you hear?  ELF per Aaron Alexis?  or was the devil trying to talk to you? 

Whats that voice?  God talking to you / wanting to walk with you? 

Per Kanye West...any rest? whats that choice?  that decision?  pitchers balk with figured them out like Boston did Detroit's?  was it a fastball or curve? 

Whats that voice?  I heard snitches talk!! a state witness like Crawford Lewis? some said you were acting fast!! trying to swerve! 

Trying to curb serve but now high technical;  Twitter,  Facebook or Craigslist? 

Space age pimping!!  but  I was still chilling in the parking lot;  not many have the gist! 

My mind raced; engaged / enraged;  wishing it was a simple thing ..but there's a long list! 

My kind cased the joint!!  soon they'll pull the smash and grab! now on the Americas Most Wanted List! 

They wanted a piece of this American Pie!! told bye bye ..they can't have any!

 I'm on top of it!!  I heard the noise..another American lie about a dream?  I've had plenty! 

Almost lost my poise but I chilled..Outback Chronicles were beneficial! 

Whats that noise? its us praying and cursing at the same time!! but still going for mine!  still authentic when we kick it!!  still official

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