Tuesday, October 8, 2013

They Had Us On Standby PT.3 (At Least They Thought They Did)

I see whats going down; plus I heard what was said!! now jokers have us on standby!

 Or at least they think they do!! I took time to think through the scenario..realizing the joker told a damn lie! 

That joker will blink too!! when staring into the eyes of a tiger! 

A Detroit one?  hopefully having the Oakland A's on the run!! but running into a fighter! 

A null and void one?  oh yeah!!  the contract..it wasn't right y'all !! now we have a government shutdown...facilitators told a damn lie! 

A fool?  I avoid one...I dipped on them..refusing to make contact ....that hater wants to put us on standby!

I flipped knowledge to them...as we school them..but will they understand why or why not? 

Louisville / Newburg native...I was cut from a different cloth or fabric;  down here in the ATL..the cloth or fabric they're cut from will dry rot! 

Falcons and the Braves come up short...all up in the sport..similar to other sports where fanatics lie...they plot and scheme; some were even  trying to put us on standby!

Foul ones misbehave..drama is local, national, international or even intergalactic..but these mathematics are dropped..plus the brand new funk;  as we rebuke the damn lie!

.....told by John Boehner types...rebuked by Harry Reid types..meanwhile in the lab O-Zone reads and writes...O-Dizzle is breaking down beats like God Particle studies.... 

Public Enemy told us don't believe hypes..danger zone strategies are enhanced..that's the dizzle as we keep it moving..God is with us...

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