Sunday, October 6, 2013

Everybody Ain't Able / Everybody Ain't Stable PT.6

Jokers ran up on me the wrong way!! but like Navy Seals in Libya or Somalia I had to put them in check! 

Please!!  O-Zone was wise to the set up...that's what the style will be! ..I had to write them a reality check!

...As they go through Reality Checkpoints per Logistics..these ATLiens were mad!!  because of problems in the red zone the Falcons didn't rise up against the Miami Dolphins! 

Or even New England...but due to reality logistics I'm knowing I'm not the next they'll aliens bring the intergalactic drama per the Uranus Pluto Square going off in October as I write this;  but we go there ...O-Dizzle will go off on them!

Broken English is provided by O-Zone..please!! I'm putting this down  like Tom Clancy...what were some on? I could see they weren't stable!! is this a Hunt For Red October?  whatcha know about a brotha?  dub plates are put on the turntable...check the steady bombardment! 

I could see some aren't able to grasp the vibes around them!! soon they're consumed!!  a part of it! 

I could see some aren't stable..caught up in the grasp of the apparatus..some are doomed!!  all up in the the heart of it hostile territory! 

Meanwhile vinyl was dropped on the turntable..the soundtrack boomed!!  plus O-Zone used this good word to tell the story! 

Some fell from glory...while  some were was fated!

....rolling through the streets of Atlanta...meeting my folk out here struggling!! was it fated?

Alt shift deleting done by the webmaster? based on social media monitoring? moves made similar to the architect in the matrix? 

Priorities shift...rules of the game change...who'll master it? everybody ain't able / stable...soon they're caught up in the system / matrix....

Check our Sunday Jazz....As We Kick It Off  With 
O-Dog's Caught Up In System/ Matrix  Mix


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