Monday, October 14, 2013

The Outback Chronicles (Still Chilling Out)

Sitting outback on the deck..reflecting..mystery unraveling..mind traveling...a brotha is chilling out! 

Putting down these Outback Chronicles..knowing the devil is opposed!! per this Columbus Day holiday.. plus Mike Ditka wanted to call one more play..we see how jokers play...but were still going all out! 

Without a doubt!!  unlike Republican proposals to reopen the government! 

Please!!  the drama can be local national and international;  or even intergalactic!!  but haters are loving it! 

A brotha will do what he does!!  like David Ortiz I might hit a grand slam homer to win the game....its based on being back on default settings! 

A brotha will do what he does!!  please.. its based on my Louisville / Newburg upbringings! 

Whose down with these kings?  real!!  authentic when we kick it!!  usually rolling down I-20 in Atlanta in the Buick Lucerne similar to the Lacrosse Shaq squeezed in..not a F-35 fighter jet;  or you can find us parking lot pimping! 

At the moment?  spotted the neighbor's Buick Regal backed in the driveway..gangster style...while I was chilling outback out on the deck...damn!! it gets complex!!  wishing it was a simple thing! 

Going all out!!  we brought it back!!  not fake like Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz at the Million Veterans March..we're breakbeat scientific with it! 

Going all out!!  its rough out here!!  but were just trying to deal with it!

Thats the deal with it...thats whats up...word from these Outback Chronicles...

Somebody might be able to feel it...knowing everybody ain't able; as we check out the response to these and those..

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