Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Didn't Like How It Was Going Down

So whats up?  I was peeping game with a fresh view / fresh vision!

 I didn't like how it was going down! now check out how I respond!! I'm going to do what I do...breakbeat scientific with it..similar to finding the God Particle like Higgs Boson....I was on a mission!

Jokers try to shut us down like Republicans!! trying to have us on standby... but I'm on some "other other" they don't know how to take me! 

Please!! we shut it down like Public Enemy talked about!! as we make a preemptive strike against those that try to fake me! 

....trying to see where this Mystic Voyage will take me!! the Lord will order my steps! 

Intergalactic like the Voyager!! this futuristic mystic is doing his due diligence! 

Intergalactic drama  interrupts me..but I'm trying to make a difference..facing interference!!  I didn't like how it was going down! 

These epiphanies are put on the clearance rack!! as we fight back ..this is how its going down!

As we deal with these and those;  knowing the devil will the GOP opposing Obama... 

Were real with these!! but dealing with next level dramatics introduced by fanatics who just love the drama...

We move on to the next like the Red Sox and Dodgers..while an ATLien says damn!! Falcons fans or Braves fans ask..why does success continue to dodge us? 

....not liking how its going down...but a bruh continues to put it down..meanwhile  "shawty" rocks..over on Candler Rd in Decatur...weed smoke blows out the window while they're dipping in Dodge Chargers....

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