Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Outback Chronicles / The Saga-Struggle Continues

A "bruh" is still "cold chilling" ...check out these outback chronicles! 

Outback on my deck as I reflect...soon epiphanies will go on the clearance rack;  whats the response to those? 

Knowing what the deal is..not confused like Dr. Ben Carson..I took a look at the big picture! 

Its real like that!! I'm authentic...I didnt forget where I came from ...hip to the theft and grand larceny committed by some who forget where they came from!! where they got their game from!! as I go big with this scripture! 

O-Dizzle will go big with the mixture like he was Walter White;  he's just "doing what he do"

Whats the dizzle?  jokers get caught up in the system / matrix ...the mixture;  they didnt act like they knew! 

Whatcha going through?  jokers are scurrying around like the squirrels I shoot at in my backyard!

Whatcha going through?  the economy is rough plus the government is shutdown ...its hard on the boulevard! 

Jokers still try to act hard!!  arguing like Harry Reid and John Boehner! 

Mitch McConnell tries to put his two cents in... remembered his antics from Louisville living; the Treasury?  per Dick Cheney  government contracts crooks are looting it!! its real!!  no lucid dreaming like Jared Loughner!  

Whatcha on bruh?  jokers ask me..based on this breakbeat science.. the by product!

 Its from outback!!  chilling on my deck!  check these chronicles ...but jokers still can't judge my conduct!

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