Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Outback Chronicles (Right Before The Rain Falls)

Check out these outback the rain begans to fall...but we weren't at the steak house! 

Chilling out on the deck in the backyard...whats up y'all?  backs  are against the wall like Republicans acting fake in the house?

 Naw!!  O-Dizzle will drop breaks, house music and funk! along with jazz and hip hop! 

Whats the dizzle?  the saga /  struggle continues...the drama can be local, national, international or like the Full Moon Eclipse in Aries; its even intergalactic... it didn't quit or stop! 

As I drop these mathematics...whats the deal with it?  flavors are bittersweet!! from government shutdowns to ATL smash and grabs! 

Erratic behavior is exhibited from Washington Navy Yards with Aaron Alexis to LAX where dry ice bombs were planted! in the ATL the mothership landed!! now check the product straight out of the lab!

 Beat slavery Grace Jones style!!  rebuking complex stylings ...causing us to strike out like Oakland Athletics!

 What will the behavior be?  pitches were thrown by Detroit Tiger types until David Ortiz and the Red Sox got it right by doing the mathematics!

 That's my behavior!!  out here on the deck outback as the rain begans to fall...doing the mathematics! 

Just doing what I do!!  in the process rebuking all these fanatics!

Outback was where the knowledge was done..chronicles were also developed when I dipped down I-20 in Atlanta..

The mothership gets good mileage...intergalactic with it...whats the deal with it? everybody might not be able to undersand a bruh!! 

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