Friday, October 4, 2013

They Had Us On Standby PT.2

As we proceed and continue; like the government shutdown..these jokers try to have us on standby! 

True indeed!! the menu prepared by chefs in Hells Kitchen was nutritious?  now you know that's a damn lie!

It was salty or greasy!!  like fast food spots in the some can't be easy!!  their blood pressure was up! 

Plus we couldn't be easy like Sunday Morning per the we come through these doors..checking  ESPN or FoxSports for the scores..I even felt the pressure...thats whats up!!

They caught me out there for minute but I slide through the portal quickly!! like I was leaving the Ninth Gate! 

Its rough out here!!  you ain't knowing?  no where to run or hide!! my kind?  the system will hate! 

Now some are in line / online...but late as usual!!  so they're on standby! 

Plus I spotted the blind leading the blind...they were still positive...they told us they would still try!

You can make it if you try by Sly and The Family Stone played in the background..

Some were down to Plan Z like Miriam was scary...some were courageous...hoping its contageous.. they weren't ready to back down!! Republicans on Capitol Hill trying to roll back Obamacare...

Brothas can work it out per Willie Hutch as we come through in the clutch...out here on the front lines of spiritual warfare...

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