Friday, October 18, 2013

Once Again...I Told Them I'll See You When I See You...

They told me to "holla back"   please!! I'll see them when I see them!

I didn't "holla back" ...please!!! I'm dipping like Seattle Seahawks; I'll catch them later...they say its all love but they roll like a hater...oh yeah!! I see them...

 I gave the dollar back!! not like other ATLiens...Braves , Falcons or Hawk fans... dipping in Dodge Chargers..but then on second thought I kept that dollar! plus I'm overdue more! 

No information overload...acting like  I knew...I've been a scholar from way back in the day!! now like the Los Angeles Dodgers  I'm trying to run another play ...trying to do more!

 "Holla at a scholar" ... those that knew the score knew how to approach me! 

Word from this veteran in the game now coaching!!  so why would another try to coach me? 

I kept it moving;  now the mothership has landed on earth; encroachment?  who me?  please!!  officials and referees are foul with it! 

I kept showing  / proving!!  but so called movers and shakers kept moving the finish line!! like Ted Cruz  ..soon getting clowned on by Harry Reid... they were foul with it!

 I wasn't down with it!! I was chilling like Tom Cruise at the Dodgers game... I told clowns I'll see them when I see them! 

They were fronting like it was all this and that!!  but jokers didn't come through per Prince Fielder...I see them but wouldn't want to be them! 

An elaborate fantasy builder? I spotted the construction site..they should know the corrupt "ain't right" ....but I will free them from the locks and chains that hold them! 

Dropping these clearance rack epiphanies;  but also at the service returning bogus merchandise sold them!

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