Monday, October 7, 2013

Were About To Put It Down Like This..Once Again

As we proceed and continue ....what it do? defying Gravity?  were about to put it down like this! 

True indeed!!  venues get rocked!  the funk and this math will be the fuel...even though its rough out here ...somethings not right around this! around that;  like the GOP vs Obama...some found that hustles get knocked on the regular schedule!

 Oh yeah!!  its regular scheduled programming..but these brothas aren't slow jamming...we peeped game from the get go! 

Spectacular or minuscule?  everybody plays the fool per The Main Ingredient! 

Mr. T said he pitied the fool!! ..golden or gold plated rule? as we get with the next one / next school;  class is in session! as we maintain ...putting it down;  whose impeding it? 

What progress? check the stalemate per the government shutdown;  who can stop the stress?  they said it comes with the territory!

 No progress!! corporations destroy lives per AEG Live  /  Michael Jackson  / Conrad Murray; obstacles / roadblocks wouldn't let us hurry through the hostile territory!

Progress is made..we didn't abort operations....rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad...who will work with me?  were using breakbeat science to tell the story;  as we put it down like this! 

Progress is made..we didn't abort operations...we had a new rendition per Abu Anas al-Liby held.....we take it to the street!! already out here in spiritual we fight this!

Jokers aren't right with will they spin this? they'll say you choked like Tony Romo.. 

Broken beats and English light this path were on...can we win with this? as we put it down like this!! going for what we know....

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