Tuesday, October 1, 2013

All Up In The Spot / Peeping Game / Nobody Was Checking For Me

All up in the spot...peeping game; not a Grand Theft Auto gangster..so I can see nobody was checking for me! 

All up in the spot sleeping in the game like Republicans shutting down the government?  naw!!  I'm wide awake!! spotted the fake prankster...I know when they're disrespecting me!

They're usually expecting me to crash and burn!! but they didn't know I had the skills to pay the bills! 

What did they expect from me?  these clearance rack epiphanies are far from cheap thrills! 

Plus no thrills were found on Blueberry Hill; even though Fats Domino chilled out there!

 O-Zone deals with the madness perpetrated by these earthlings!! they didn't know how I worked things out there! 

Danger zones are out there!! from Washington Navy Yards per Aaron Alexis to malls out in Nairobi Kenya! 

Wishing it was simple..but knowing how complex it is!!  so vinyl was flipped; cassettes rolled on!!  Cd's were burned plus MP3s created!! please!!  O-Dizzle is the Sonic Defender! 

...with a real life Lightsaber...Luke Skywalker style?  no but I carry a sword of truth as I juke a stalker that was foul..George Zimmerman style!! but verdicts are rendered per the Trayvon Martin case to let you know not a damn thing has changed!

 Check how we work this!! the good word is dropped plus the beats banged! 

As we do what we do!! acting deranged because some of these folk weren't checking for us? 

Naw!! juts sending shout outs to those folk who know what it do as I write this!!  some extend hugs and daps and pounds...showing they respect us!

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