Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Had To Pull The Drum Out

So whats up? I dealt with bad breaks, setbacks, roadblocks and obstacles; damn!!  its like Obama going through it!! I had to go another route!

So whats up?  check how a brotha deals with all that drama...he types this good cuts and breaks up the beats;  then I had to pull the drum out! 

Checking out the bad breaks;  like for the St Louis Cardinals..did the good luck run out?  please!! Boston Red Sox are now the should know God is in the blessing business! 

Checked the bad brakes on the hooptie; or soon crashing out!! finding out what the real is! 

Whose bad per Michael Jackson? Cashout said he wasn't robbed!  fakes run off at the mouth!! truth be told?  naw!! that's not what the deal is! 

Whose bad?  Samuel L Jackson style!!  the foul might feel this! 

Whose radical / revolutionary?  the skill is displayed with the Sonic Assault!

Back from the sabbatical per the Outback Chronicles!!  reflecting on the lesson that's taught!

Peeped game;  the flow was messed up like the carburetor in the old school Buick Regal! 

I had to pour Gumout in the gas tank!! while an old fool acted brand new with it!! even said they're living illegal! 

O-Dizzle knew the score..he had to pull the drum out!! similar to Indian and African drums! 

Whats the dizzle?  O-Zone did the math..he checked the consequences...the sums!


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