Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All Up In The Spot; Check The Reception / Deception PT.2

We were all up in the spot; realizing;  jokers "won't let you do nothing"

....excuse me...they won't let you do anything;  whats up man? thought and fashion police patrol... other jokers were like Republicans vs wannabe starting something! 

....per Michael Jackson; check the action / drama manufacturing;   some will even do time like Conrad Murray!

...soon released....others deceased;  corporations were fracking ..ATLiens were player players..supposedly macking; Google and Yahoo? NSA was hacking...damn!!  who'll work with me? 

Some appeased;  others were struggling!! damn!!  unhappy campers were among us! 

Was it due to the Uranus Pluto Square? as we go there..famine or feast?  brothas work it out per Willie Hutch coming through in the clutch!! but check the Injustice; Gods or Heroes Among Us?

All up in the spot!!  belly of the beast? the disgruntled were among us!!! these ATLiens were mad because the Falcons lose! 

All up in the spot!! coping strategies fail me and you!! check the reception / deception;  who'll win or lose?

All up in the spot;  we cruise through in the mothership with the force field up...

All up in the spot...governing ourselves accordingly due to the reception / elaborate fantasy? one will build up...

All up in the spot...recognizing where the border or boundary will be..but sometimes its like looking for dark matter....

All up in the spot...jumping to conclusions after the reception / deception...I wasn't fooling with some...Allies spying on Allies?   
 ..I heard all the focused on what really matters...

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