Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jumping Like Michael Jordan / After Recognizing The Pattern

Check me out!!  I'm jumping like Michael Jordan...using the vertical like I was rocking the Jordan Jumpman 23 shoes!

Check me out!! humping like the middle of the week when I wrote collar style!! last of a dying breed..fighting like M23 in the Congo..who will work with a bro?  especially since I overpaid dues! 

Recognizing the pattern...there's no information overload like Edward Snowden getting'll bruise the brain cells! trying to get on the health care website..was it hacked? battering the thought process leading to the stress;  soon in pain!! now the project fails! 

I told some..they were like Tea Party Republicans..."y'all ain't right" the defense will object but  the motion fails; so perpetual motion was the answer! 

Brothers can work it out per Willie the fence was climbed!! now the arch nemesis was on the premises!! damn
!!  just a devil dancer! 

The circumstance was a debatable;  one being built or torn down?  Cancer Capricorns and Aries can tell you! 

...affected by the Uranus Pluto Square as we go there; coping strategies fail you! 

Recognizing whose fair with this as you go there!! soon jumping to a conclusion! 

Recognizing whose fair with this;  some are contributing to the confusion!

Rectifying the situation...putting it down like this...not spying on my peeps like NSA vs France and Germany..

Jumping like Michael Jordan...maybe even like DR J...running a play...who'll work with me? 


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