Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Genuine / Authentic

As I mentioned earlier..were authentic when we kick it! 

Genuine out here!! going for mine!!  whats up?  that's the ticket!

I've seen the sign!!  is this ticket similar to the lottery scratch off bought at Hugo Chavez's Citgo over on Glenwood Rd in Decatur Georgia?

R.I.P to dude...meanwhile I'm seen out here with mine!! its rough out here!!  check the attitude..but I knew this from the get go..jokers will hate on ya like Republicans do Obama! 

Whats up man? check the drama thats going down like the government can be local / national / international or even intergalactic! 

Its going down from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg..from Nairobi to Charlotte / Mecklenburg from  Uranus / Pluto Squares to Mars;  it gets real like that! 

Those with battle scars still feel that!! the pain is authentic / genuine! 

Trunks rattle from the funk...the good word is dropped as a brotha will maintain..still going for mine!

Snitches tattle...others are blind to the facts..until next level dramatics jump off..

Pitches make batters scatter...curves, fast balls and knuckleballs thrown by knuckleheads similar to bombs, missiles and lead..after the drama jumps off...

Jokers bump off the opposition..real / authentic or imaginary like Aaron Alexis with the ELF?

Broken beats and English due to the Fresh View / Fresh Vision make us the next to go off with it?


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