Sunday, February 5, 2012

We Thought We Had Something....

Damn!!! I guess we were like Newt Gingrich...we thought we had something..but nothing was there! 

Damn!!! here we go again...once again its on!! were dealing with glitches in the matrix....its like being in bombs explode..we're ducking and dodging the gunfire in spiritual warfare! 

As we go there!!! deals were shady!! documents were forged; government officials would neither confirm or deny!

Heard singers and rappers on the radio!!! wanted to tell them that's a damn lie!

Heard them say what they've done and what they're going to do!! just a damn lie coming out of their mouth! 

Heard some claiming they're  not African Americans...but they were in pain...about to cry; now they want to run down south! 

Once pimping like Herman Cain!!! but now they left Chi-Town, Philly, and NYC; now posted up in the ATL or Charlotte! 

Whats the word on the curb? man..whats the deally? why did they even start it? 

Whose part of it..the conspiracy? please!! at the end of the day they'll got played! 

Now left goes down from the Middle East to the motherland...on over to the Orient; whats up man? some will get delayed! 

They thought they had something...but its nothing!! now some prayed to the east! 

The Sonic Assault is unleashed by these brothas; were onto we bop down Broadway saluting Don we we come through letting my peeps know what the deal is...are we putting it down? yes!! to say the least!

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