Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reading Between The Lines (The Random Thoughts Edition)

Something wasn't a doctor checking a patients pulse...I was peeping game!

Secret knowledge was revealed...Illuminati never chilled while others were sleeping in the game! 

Rolling discrete in the mothership; from out on 101 in the Bay Area / Oakland to I-75 in Cincinnati...the mothership got good mileage while I was rolling through the universe! 

...Now I'm back down to earth....check the by products of travels through the universe..chilled out on Pluto and rolling through the streets of the enabled me to reverse the curse! 

The plan? it doesn't always unravels; that's word from the Republican Primary...the universe serves up repercussions based on the karma! 

Pitchforks and shovels were used by devils advocates; but we fight back with this!! the good word and percussions sound like a small army is coming after ya!

The funky drummer is drumming!!  plus we had this math for ya; read between the lines!

Afghan protestors were rolling up like a runner dipping on a marathon; read the signs!
Whats the deal? dude at the QT station in Decatur asked whats up man? some were acting like they knew a bruh..peeping the steelo! 

Whats the deal? I was chilling...drinking Honduras fair trade coffee..but everything is not what it seems..nothing is fair in the ongoing charade..even though they're caught up in the swagger; some accused me of being a fly negro! 

Whose being cloak and dagger with it? like Vladimir Putin and them...I had to tell those fools to back up off me!! they're on some I Spy they know whats up!

Some didn't read between the society will put you in a chokehold; check the high gas prices...things are based on policies that are corrupt!

That's whats up!!...we need to read between the lines...I told homie to make his next move his best move! 

.....Had to tell him I was chilling; I didn't have anything to prove! 

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