Saturday, February 4, 2012

They Had Enough Rope To Hang Themselves...

What was the outcome?  I see they had enough rope to hang themselves! 

We pulled out the we had this good word..its mesmerizing like dope...others were waiting in the dark...misled; stranded out in somewhere like Syria...or even Bangladesh!

Otherworldly...listening to easy music like John Tesh; but like folk out in Moscow they're still dealing with the mass hysteria..they had visions of Utopia..but found out otherwise! 

Breakbeat scientific principles mesh; no veto from Russia or China like those concerning UN sanctions against Syria...we're schooling the wise and otherwise! 

My intuition told me...please be advised...but some will be surprised after singing kumbaya out in mamby pamby land! 

....Some might even lose hope when the drama jumps off; its like Pakistan or Afghanistan!

So whats up man? whats the deal? others were given an ultimatum like Bourne...somebody gave them enough rope to hang themselves! 

...Or they'll get hanged or gaffled by the other inmates in the danger zone; its like Republicans in the primary..what will a clone do to themselves?

From Florida to Nevada some will go on with your bad selves like Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney....what will the response be?  one who hates will geek up the masses! 

Next thing you know you'll be had given enough rope to hang yourself; reality continues to conduct classes!

Plus reality checks are issued by the paymaster..they'll tell you to play faster...go out amongst the traffic!!

Plus you were told to pay, check, credit or debit they took money orders..we were played by corporate raiders..given enough rope to hang ourselves...the outcome is tragic..

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