Saturday, February 11, 2012

Still Conducting This BreakBeat Scientific Business

Check out this breakbeat scientific business; as we put it down like we shine lights like the aurora borealis! 

Checked out the homies faking it..whats the business? a playa playa over on Candler Rd in Decatur was dipping in the Oldsmobile Aurora trying to tell me what the deal is!

Stacy Adams hard bottoms heels click like Dorothy's heels did three times...trying to get back to Kansas!

Shady Like Grady type business is conducted!!! please!! you should know how the sport will be...check that Isaac Hayes joint...maybe By The Time I Get To Phoenix somebody will understand this! 

The sound plays as we rise like the Phoenix...landing this mothership on earth! 

Earthlings have us running like the Phoenix Suns once did when they had Steve Nash feeding Amare were dealing with glitches in the matrix...bearing witness to the catch phrase; " no justice no peace" whats it all worth? 

As I catch these Aquarius sun rays...avoiding a nefarious one and their a snitch will fake it! 

Various ways and means used by this brotha...check how this son of God we take a beat and a word and break it... 

...Various ways and means are used by the devil; but this son of God prays about it! 

Now bear witness to this breakbeat scientific we go all out with it!

We aren't about the shady business like dubious mortgage practices and foreclosure abuses.. 

How about it? were still conducting this breakbeat scientific business..the beat and good word is what a brotha uses...


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