Thursday, February 16, 2012

Going Through The Motions

Check us out...once again its on...were chilling in Babylon...but feeling some kind of way about it...were just going through the motions! 

....But not through Nicolas Sarkozy..we were left to our own devices; so we had other notions!

But things are far from cozy...were paying the prices while others show emotions; actually were due a rebate! 

Chilling like were in Islamabad like Karzai and Ahmadinejad..but realizing its not all love; they try to tell me how nice it is..but I feel the hate!

How did some deal? due to the global warming they skate on thin ice with sharp skates on! 

The so called mover and shaker was like Santorum..he said its awesome!! they'll do whatever..trying to be cunning and clever; but its my kind society hates on! 

The prices and rates are on for snitches!! or whistleblowers as they're called today! 

The crisis is now full blown!! word from Majid its on...after the armchair quarterback called the play! 

Whatcha knowing? as we go there...R.I.P  Don R.I.P to Whitney Houston and others..

...soldiers were called away after fighting on the frontlines of spiritual warfare! now check how we go there...breakbeat science is dropped by these brothas...

As we roll up with this...going through the motions...but we had other we proceed and continue...

Check the sonic lotions...whose ashy or classy? breakbeat science is on the menu...

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