Monday, February 20, 2012

All Up In The Spot...The Saga / Struggle Continues!!

Once again its on...this is no Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday type of deal...the saga / struggle continues; were all up in the spot! 

Whats up with ya? whose acting brand new with ya? rolling like Rick Santorum trying to tell ya what it do; now your subject to the authority; they're making it hot! 

Whats up with ya? where have we been? some asked...just released from a sanatorium? told them to check the forum..its like Iranian warships docked in Syria; were in a hostile territory..but some said they're not; they go along with the program

Whats up with ya? that's what they ask this man...we're ready to go to war for it!! O-Dizzle will drop hip hop, jazz, or funk; he seldom plays a slow jam!

He's on a roll man!! the saga / struggle continues..some say he's out of control!! man please! 

Its like this and like that!! we're all up in the spot; morale is low..some are talking out the side of their neck like Newt Gingrich; my peeps can't be at ease! 

Whats the profile? the saga / struggle continues..check the glitches in the justice no peace is the catch phrase! 

Whats the style? things get Rajon Rondo you'll get suspended..whose caught up in the databases?

...Due to the dollar chases; needing another bailout like Greece...please!! you know they've got us coming and going! 

Its a rat race...its dog eat dog; that's word from Mr Cole...a cool brotha from up in Louisville... so whatcha knowing? 

As we roll up; the ship hasn't capsized like the Costa Concordia; no cocaine is found in this Captain's we go there..we continue flowing down the stream of consciousness! 

As we roll up...some are surprised..O-Zone rocks the baldy proudly; no need for rogaine...breakbeat science is dropped when we come with this!

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