Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We Thought We Had Something PT.2

We thought we had something on deck...its like the Whitney Houston joint....didn't we almost have it all... but we used it up!

As we take the fall....damn!!...but we get back up...so now whats up? we'll just let the healing process begin..our soul, spirit, and ego?  we bruised it up!

As we take the fall.. damn!!...but we get back up...even though our teammates were hating on us like Brady Quinn on Tim Tebow..or like Romney vs Santorum...but were not through dealing; we cruised up in the hooptie...aka the mothership! 

...Now were back down to earth...going for what we know..what will the response be? whats happening? just left GJ 214b..now we're showing these earthlings how scientific we can get! 

Still fighting like over in Syria!!  we didn't back down during the mass hysteria...we found out what its all worth; we even thought we had something! 

Still fighting like Kobe Bryant ....trying to win...putting work in!! we turn nothing into something! 

Enlightening the masses with this good word; plus the sound is bumping!! as we put it down like this! 

Frightening the apparatus when we came back like this!! funky is how the sound is! 

Now where have you found us? damn!! its like the Mardi Gras in New Orleans..were right in the middle of the hot mess!

It seems like it can't be cleaned up by janitors who tried to make it lemon fresh! 

Meanwhile in the midst of the drama were Coming Out Fresh with a brand new batch..but spin masters tried to clean it up; now the story is twisted! 

Whose trying to mess with us? but couldn't understand us..we didn't worry about them..now they're left disoriented! 

From the ATL to the Orient; some of us thought we had something!

But it was nothing!! but we've gotten good at turning nothing into something!

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