Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Here We Are Again...We're All Up In The Spot... we go again...intergalactic journeys were we're all up in the spot...back at the scene of the crime!

Damn!! were fighting like its the Duke-North Carolina its not just global warming that is making it hot; I was even accused of being obscene with mine! 

Others were seen crying like dude beaten on videotape in Atlanta... I heard they were in pain...things didn't go well!

Others got played like Herman Cain!! what when down? I'm like ...what the hell? 

Snitches ask...can they get a what what? so now they run and tell that!

All up in the spot...some are like Black Americans...they have an identity empty promises are made...some even fell for that! 

The arch nemesis is on the premises...I smell that; plus I heard them scurrying around!

...Rolling like secret squirrels!! habituals going through rites and rituals..during the rush hour hurrying around! 

O-Dizzle had secret hitting you with this funk...cold crush grooving!! some might have heard the sound at the podcast! 

Its going down!!! all up in the spot...improvised explosive devices explode and guns blast!

...Like its the City of Horns in Syria....or over in Afghanistan; who runs this? left to our own devices?  the street code is followed! 

Whats up man? tweeting on devices like Roland Martin will have some paying the price for this; its easy to get shutdown like Megaupload; when doctrines get swallowed!

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