Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trying To Get In Where You Fit In PT.4

The drama will jump off like in Damascus...whats up with us? these jokers need to get in where they fit in; they need to play their position! 

Whats up with us? some should stay out of the low post..others can't score like Kobe....they'll have nine turnovers like Jeremy Lin.. what's happening? ESPN mentioned a chink in the armor...they need to see what condition their condition is in!

Word from Kenny Rogers and The First Edition; but I might alarm I rock the LA Dodgers hat! 

But I'm living in the ATL...rolling down I-20...West Coast riders will roger that! 

R.I.P to Whitney Houston...word from the amen corner!! where the old deacons were chilling!

Up in Newark, New Jersey.. in the old school baptist church; who'll work with me? the new school ones wrap the Book of Torah around you plus they have corporate type dealings!

Corporal punishment has some catching they're feeling some kind of way about it...after they were persecuted! 

Feeling some kind of way about the ICE agent shooting..some dumbfounded..astonished by it; after the truth was disputed!

Check the drum sound and the good word; what occurred?  were dedicated to the truth!!  plus dedicated to getting in where we fit in! 

Underground railroad type trains are rolling!! but history is not repeating!

Where were we found?...once intergalactic but back down to earth..these earthlings were defeating the purpose...

Where were we found? moving at a high velocity...were back with it..trying to get in where we fit in..check out how we work this...

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