Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feeling Some Kind Of Way About It PT.8

The ways, means and procedures change; its like Qurans burning; now I'm feeling some kind of way about it! 

Observing these scenes; now I'm ready to roll...I'm on my way; its all about Syrians I'm going all out for it! 

Checking the pulse like a doctor; now I'm ready to rock ya!! O-Dizzle is about it..... dropping this funk on the masses!

Checking my impulses; jokers were talking out the side of their necks like I'm ready to pimp slap somebody; or start kicking asses! 

Instead I'm conducting classes...peeping game...staying on'll get robbed like Carnival cruise passengers in Mexico; whatcha know?...I recognize the pattern....its based on my Louisville / Newburg upbringing! 

...It taught me to peep can't be sleep in the game...this is no Ohio Player's Love Roller Coaster...or a carnival tilt-a-whirl...please!! the drama can jump off like Afghanistan...I can smell the drama when it unfurls from a mile a way..if its coming! 

That's why I stay in conflict with this world....please!! a snitch will run and tell it!! foul with it!! but the funky drumming repels the attack! 

Meanwhile....the story about the opposition? I tell it!!  but some don't hear me though!!  maybe there's a learning disability; so I cut them some slack! 

Some will holla back!! but they were shady like I'm feeling some kind of way about It! 

A preacher? a scholar? a mixture of blue and white collar? all of the above....realizing its not all about a dollar; its all about freedom..for that I'm going all out!

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