Sunday, February 19, 2012

All Up In The Spot / The I-20 Chronicles..

Concepts combine...we're all up in the check these chronicles based on cruising down I-20 in Atlanta; who'll understand a bruh? damn!! once again its on! 

We're all up in the spot...winning or losing down here in Atlanta? just like the Atlanta Hawks..this is considered the so called promise land; but sometimes a danger zone! 

We're all up in the'll inspire O-Dizzle to come up with a banger; bass, treble, and tone is adjusted. 

Damn!! here we go again...plans fizzle!! now some are living in a bottle like Gil Scott Heron talked about; while I rode down Peachtree St..zombies walked about...PE said you can't truss it! 

Word from Flavor Flav and Chuck D!! you can't trust the system! 

Gamblers out for a fast buck deal you a bad how you living? 

Please!! we're all up in the spot dealing with the loose ends, scraps, junk, and fragments!

...Not just global warming making it hot!! word from Al Gore; jokers left us hanging on a string like Loose Ends..but O-Dizzle is dropping the funk...he's getting loose with the blends; meanwhile O-Zone is floating down the stream of consciousness..but the waters were stagnant!

All up in the spot!!! my forefathers found out the fouls were flagrant...actually they still are! 

All up in the spot!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta...portals I slide through; changing styles like a chameleon...but still a real one; for the course I'm par! 

But up in this sport bruises and scars are par for the course; let the healing process begin!

My mission? I wont abort it...I'm not through dealing; going through this process...its all about a win!

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