Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feeling Some Kind Of Way About It...PT.9...The Saga /Struggle Continues

I can see whats going down; you'll get left out on the lawn like at Rick Ross's I'm feeling some kind of way about it! 

O-Dizzle is throwing down...check it out..he's not a complete idiot like Freeway Ricky Ross says the imposter is..a bruh is consistent; persistent...still going all out for it!

Plans fizzle like Rick Santorum's ...please!! they go up in smoke!! you'll have your doubts about it; but you have to keep it moving! 

Things come to a standstill like North Korea nuclear moratoriums; but God is still blessing us; that's the kind of business he's in; now check the kind of business were in...breakbeat science is going down; as we keep it grooving!

Haters play us like Tiger Woods...but we know its tight in these hoods..Nasdaq doesn't have to tell us... but we keep proving to the masses that were capable..even though they're skeptical! 

They still have their doubts about it; points are deducted like Nascar did Jimmy Johnson...whats the response man? please!! you see how they play President Obama! 

Society will doubt a know things are stereotypical; I can see how these jokers try to play me!

I'm feeling some kind of way about it; but I'm healing my broken spirit; I pray daily! 

The Lord surprises me daily!! sometimes all wasn't well and I didn't expect it to end well! 

Especially when the wise and otherwise were just informants; just snitches providing intel! 

There is even counter intelligence; based on ecological ignorance that will alter the fate! 

Like Republican primaries I couldn't count on the belligerence that's heard.. all is does is conceal the hate! 

Now I'm feeling some kind of way about it; but its not too late to do something about it! 

We realize its all about freedom!! so we go all out for it!

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