Monday, February 13, 2012

All Up In The Spot....But We're Surviving..

Were all up in the spot...we're making it...but some of those surviving seem to have sold out!

But not us...realizing there's no peace or justice..were all up in the spot!! on I-285 in Atlanta...I even noticed driving school students had rolled out!

All up in the spot...some wonder about they wonder how Whitney Houston died...they think somebody lied..meanwhile we're arriving in the just landed on earth! 

Spotted the mass hysteria like Syria' these earthlings jockey for position...bearing witness to the power struggle; what's it all worth? 

As we participate in the funk rebirth; putting in work...we just got back from our deep space outpost like NASA wants to build..check the intergalactic principles that are followed!
Some tried to start Iran targeting Israeli diplomats..they're full of hate..fanatics think they're invincibles!! they're policies didn't make sense to a their rules are not followed! 

Some tried to start it..whose all up in the the heart of it? no mistakes are allowed'll get robbed like Justice Stephen Breyer..who saved ya?

....No need to be hazed like FAMU band members...the doctrine / kool aid is not swallowed; I don't care if its grape or Cognac flavored!

....Like Swishers or Cigarillos; how are they trying to deal with these Negroes?

Swish goes the three point shot!!! did Jeremy Lin shoot it?  now swagger jackers sweat the steelos! 

Jokers minus the halos..aka devils advocates were all up in the spot !! might even shoot a laptop....haters didn't stop causing chaos or they're wreaking havoc! 

Ain't no way around it!! that's per Young Jeezy and Future; act like you knew bruh!! there's no where to run or hide..were all up in it!

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