Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let The Healing Process Begin / The Random Thoughts Edition

Let the healing process begin!! so we all can make it to the other side!

R.I.P Whitney'll be we pray for Bobby, Bobby Christina and the rest of the family...but we've got to keep on moving...were not through dealing..for freedom? we had to ride! 

Haters weren't through have to watch your ass like your out in Damascus...admitting we had to hide during the warlock /  witch hunt! 

Some were rolling like Belichick.. they weren't through stealing our signs and signals in the game!! during this war O-Dizzle will rock; meanwhile a snitch will pull a stunt!

So whats up? a glitch will stunt the growth of the matrix...damn!! now the grid is shut down! 

Some were peeping game like Jimi Hendrix...all along the watchtower; but it was cut down! 

As we come with the sound...we weren't sleeping in the game!! we didn't pump brakes like Bendix we kept it moving! 

The healing of the spirit was not complete!!! so O-Dizzle kept grooving!

The healing of the spirit is not complete...were just trying to win like Jeremy Lin... 

The healing of the spirit is not complete...but we continue to we hit you up with the good word and the blend...


The Healing Process Mix PT.3 by omanxl1

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