Friday, February 17, 2012

Trying To Get In Where You Fit In PT.3

I noticed they weren't checking for me; but that could be a good thing! 

The vote isn't challenged!! even the payroll tax cut extension passes Congress!!  at the end of the day?  they'll see that this is a hood thing!

The boat isn't capsized like The Costa Concordia...whats up with ya? its like the ICE agent shot out in Long Beach...some are surprised that others would bring the drama to your doorstep!!

The wise and otherwise our surprised that O-Dizzle came through with jazz, funk, hip hop, and even dubstep!

As we rise to the occasion; we ignored a government informant..they were doing Babylon's bidding! 

As we rise to the occasion; just trying to get in where we fit in...just like JR Smith going to the Knicks; check us out ...these brothas are putting it down like this..stopping history from repeating! 

Those hating were defeating the purpose; or at least they tried to! 

But I didn't believe the empty promise..word from Newt Gingrich; I knew we were being lied to!!

The arch nemesis is on the premises...creating glitches in the matrix..we were even cried to!!! they tried to Cry Me A River like Justin Timberlake referred to....

The beauty was overcome by the blemishes..snitches just faked it...trying to get in where they fit justice in these situations...there's no where to run or hide...the fake are mad because they weren't deferred to..

During these ongoing scrimmages the lines are blurred too!! all out there in the gray area..from Syria to even Newark New Jersey...

Bobby Brown allowed to go to Whitney Houston's funeral...meanwhile we're going for what we know..had to tell you....were wishing it was simple...just trying to get in where we fit in...who'll work with me?

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