Thursday, September 3, 2015

This Is For Real!!! This Is For Real !! PT.8 (We Keep Putting Work In)

Once again it's on!! this is for real!! this is for real!! we're using Breakbeat science as a tool / trick of the trade; The style is Blue Collar, check the Mechanical Engineering.

Once again it's on!!  the Sonic Assault is unleashed against Pharoah and Nebuchadnezzar types, as we overcome the loathing and fearing.

Laying in the cut, chilling in the lab!! steering the Mothership back to earth, I just got back from Pluto, spotted by New Horizons!! but we're under attack, so we develop defense mechanisms.

Playing this hand we've got with reckless abandon, but not acting reckless and random like Donald Trump vs Jeb Bush when operating these systems.

Jokers were acting ratchet / wretched!!  I told them to *Make Inquiries About Diplomatic Solutions.*  told them to stay calm and smoke some dry kush!! no weapons formed would work against us...

Like the RNC trying to discourage a Donald Trump third party run there's no unity in the community; how will haters ride?  are they for us or against us?

Please!! who has diplomatic immunity?  The Matrix Architect is bringing more pain for us!! plots and schemes were developed at the Jackson Hole Meeting!!

Please!! they're bringing more pain for us!!  no respect is shown as jokers smirk like Tom Brady during the greeting!!

Please!! this is for real!! this is for real!! work is put in but we know the game is shady / the sport is complex...

Please!! this is for real!! this is for real!! work is put in, as we come with the next...

Work is put in!! check this text provided by O-Zone, plus O-Dog will drop beats at the podcast..

Work is put in!! this is for real!! this is for real!! we're dealing with this and that but per Rev. Timothy Wright, *trouble doesn't last*

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