Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Outback Chronicles: Assessing The Damage

 These are the outback chronicles; I'm outback on the deck assessing the damage..

A storm blew through, a tree fell down on my deck; reminded that my kind get no respect, the system is stressing us!! if we do or don't they'll damn it!!

What it do? I told you if we do or don't the somebody damned it!! my people are over on Flat Shoals Parkway over in Decatur at Dugans watching the Atlanta Falcons beat the Dallas Cowboys!!

Those are two teams I don't care for so I wasn't worried about the score; kill that noise!! 

Feeling like I'll lose my poise; outback? tree limbs were hanging precariously; reminded of spirits / souls hanging on a string like Loose Ends?   

It's a mess outback, representing some of our lives!! Let the healing process begin!! the brotha O-Dizzle will get loose with the blend

O-Zone will get open, usually dipping down I-20 in Atlanta rolling in the hooptie, not the Dodge Ram due to the recall, so what's up y'all? corporations act a fool with it...

Volkswagen types will get slick with it but we're wise to the set up / still ten steps ahead; we're dodging fools, wearing tight jeans plus  their hair with blonde streaks, spikes and mullets.

Folks? we're dragging and dropping this breakbeat science at different venues while pimp /preachers and so called pundits on bully pulpits pull this and that scam;  John Boehner even mentioned false prophets!!  taking a shot at Ted Cruz? taking a shot out here?  its easy to lose; you'll  get played.

Folks? we're fragging / Sonic Blackjacking / we fight with the Sonic Assault; what's the motive? knowledge is sprayed.

Progress was delayed;  games were played by fanatics!! we suffered bad breaks and set backs  per assesing the damage; but check us out, as we proceed and continue.

During the charade we were attacked violently / viciously so that's how we repsonded!! what's the deal? funk is on the menu...

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