Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Govern Yourself Accordingly Per The Old School Baptist Preacher PT.3

Nothing new under the sun;  the game has different names,  plus there's more technology.

Nothing new under the sun; I govern myself accordingly taking the old school Baptist preachers advise; I'm battling the wise and otherwise, they're out here trying to rock me..

New school preachers get caught up in things like Ashley Madison scandals, but I got wise to the whole setup;  plans exposed for rocking me / knocking me and my hustle?  I was hip to them after I exercise mental muscle.

Old school / new school / next school realms were studied;  back in the day I dipped down Madison Street and Muhammad Ali Boulevard in Louisville up in the big-bodied Checker Cab; Damn! Damn! Damn! times are still hard on the boulevard, so what's up with you?

Check out this by-product from the lab; the brotha O-Dog will jam; O-Zone will drop the *Good Word*  as we go hard.

Due to ill conduct some are labeled shady like Tom Brady and the New England Patriots!! soon they're caught up in a jam / unpleasant situation; some are left emotionally scarred..

Due to ill conduct, NSA and Patriot Act shenanigans security barred us from the premises; plus the arch nemesis was on the premises so I know what it's like..

I conduct myself in an orderly fashion, I govern myself accordingly!! but per Gangsta Chronicles I could bear witness to what going ballistic will be like..

My conduct? I admit I'm out of order with the fashion, even though at the moment I'm rocking Nike Air Flights, Roca Wear jeans and a Club Room polo shirt...

My conduct? I was all out by the border or boundary like refugees headed to Europe; the EU? issues they skirt!! 

Lies from the corrupt were entered to the minutes of the meeting, but not on this Captain's Log...

Govern yourself accordingly per the old school Baptist preacher; breakbeat science is dropped by O-Zone / O-Dog

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