Tuesday, September 15, 2015

This Is For Real!! This Is For Real!! Pt 9 (Some Folk Are Tripping)

This is for real!! this is for real!! these people were tripping and they didn't even pack any bags. 

MARTA? Megabus? Delta Airlines? their minds were on a trip like the joint Boy George did produced by Teddy Riley;  the style can be riches to rags. 

Or maybe vice versa; check Shannon Lamb per the shootout at Delta State, boy please!! frontlines are anywhere, as some show hate!! what will the style be? damned if we do or don't!!  I told you!! if you do or don't somebody will curse us.

 Oh boy! What will the style be? I took Shannon's advice, I let the music play / jam!! meanwhile jokers were seen smoking cigarettes outside the Cancer Center;  damn!! self inflicted injuries? scenarios were the worst cuz!! 

No heroes needed  but what about private dancers?  that's word from Tina Turner. 

Maybe heroes are needed for the public or private cancer;  radiation treatments burn ya. 

This is for real!! this is  for real!! the slow learner might need to catch up on their pimping!!

They're losing ground like Hillary Clinton!! falling in a worm hole makes us realize its not a simple thing!! 

Losing ground like jokers blasting some old George Clinton out of the old school Lincoln Continental aka *Stankin Lankin* over on Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain?

Weed smoke was coming out of the ride, Dekalb Police will soon roll up!!  Sly Stone wasn't thanking them for letting them be themselves!! like Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks up in Kentucky, authorities found them...

This is for real!! this is for real!! some of these folk are tripping!! Dekalb Police shootings are already a hot topic!! 

This is for real!! this is for real!!  some of these folk are tripping!! the madness? we need to stop it!!

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