Saturday, September 19, 2015

Breakbeat Scientific: It's All Game ( Word From The Funky Drummer)

It's all game, but who can you blame? hopefully not the player: after the game? drink a cold Sobe!!  meanwhile I drunk a Red Bull before the game so I could get hyped up..

Dropping brand new funk in the game; act like you know me!! I'm doing the math *Four Five Sixing It*  this "Good Word"  is typed up..

In the lab O-Dog is hyped up like Pope Francis in Cuba; act like you knew a brotha!! beats are analog and digital so whatcha know? during this last weekend of the summer? we're trying to get over..

On the podcast?  beats will bang!!  this is word from the funky drummer!! check the *Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position*  as we Rebuke The Hostile Takeover...

 Some are acting strange like Matt Damon on Mars and Diversity; for the fake? it's over!!  the fire is burning, did they have materials to stop the fire?

It's not strange for me to say it's all game son!! what's the deal as we all deal with adversity? reality is teaching so who's learning?  the township wants to stone and curse me and my peeps, did Hazardous Materials start the fire?

What's up with it? What we have is spiritual with significance, there's no belligerence like Donald Trump!! the hustle? some are ready to knock this!!

What's up with it? from Louisville / Newburg to the ATL and from the depths of the galaxy we're ready to rock this...

Breakbeat scientific? oh that's the deal, but I didn't merge with those trying to get foul with me like the GOP vs Planned Parenthood...

Breakbeat scientific? oh yes!! we're doing what we do, but we realize it's all game; we're hip to the deliberate falsehood...  
Breakbeat scientific? oh yes!! we carry a sword of truth in the midst of so many falsehoods like a was a Star Trek Phaser..

Check out how we kick it,  we realize it's all game as reality provides proof; due to some acting false in the hood I'm even trying to heal scars;  Saturn slips back into Sagittarius so we're trying to see what this next phase will do..

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