Friday, September 11, 2015

Breakbeat Scientific: The Madness Never Stopped ( Word From The Funky Drummer)

  Here we go again, getting breakbeat scientific!! seasons / reasons change here at the end of the summer!!

Hip hop soundtracks were provided Steve Gadd,  or Clyde Stubblefield or even Bernard Purdie, you heard me?  this is word dropped by this funky drummer!

The madness never stopped; the peace once had is gone!! we stumble around out here in the field of dreams, who'll work with me? 

The madness never stopped; Jackie Robinson even promoted Chesterfield after they let him in the game, so damn!!  who'll work with me?  

The madness never stopped; the economy has some robbing and stealing as so called players played the field!! meanwhile in Atlanta House Negroes opposed Field Negroes!!

The madness never stopped!! at the GOP Debate presidential candidates will throw curves, sliders or knuckleballs like Phil Niekro....

Reparations or a rebate? Negro please!! but O-Dog has the knack!!  that's right!! Seminars are conducted, please this is not hazardous material you won't be corrupted by those talking out the side of their necks..

O-Zone?  they said I'm acting *Brand New* but I'm just acting like  I knew!! society still disrespects...

Cashing Reality Checks, but I'm not buying a brand new or used Dodge Ram, they have issues...

Apparatus not running smooth?  I'm pulling the plugs, a brotha disconnects after he felt the pressure, but no need for tissues!!

Check the status for proof; look at The Big Picture as these Random Thoughts are edited like the Iran Nuclear Deal..

Opposed by Republicans but we know what's up with them, these jokers aren't being real...

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