Sunday, September 6, 2015

Govern Yourself Accordingly Per The Old School Baptist Preacher

Govern yourself accordingly / properly,  like old school Baptist preachers would say..

*Recognize The Pattern* where will the border be?  during the baptism of fire? watch your mouth like Pops would say / please!! no snitching, watch what you say...

Shareholders? watch how they play on Wall Street!! the Chinese have the world economy jacked up!! you know those *Gamblers Are Out For A Fast Buck*  discussed in New Type Gangsters..

What's Really Going On? another stress test needs to be given!! who's being real? who's being pranksters?

What it do? shady bankers, lawyers, doing what they do / acting like they knew; any growth and development per Gangster Disciples?  the game is Shady Like Grady / Tom Brady..

What it do? the O-Dog funk will stank /  Coming Out Fresh With A Brand New Batch? oh yes!! in Souls Kitchen?  it's cooked on the stove with gravy..

ATL living, checking out how the behavior will be; wannabe gangsters weren't  just in the City of Atlanta, they were in the suburbs!! 

Parents were too busy working corporate jobs, trying to keep mansions and nice cars while their children raised themselves; they tried to establish street credibility, not considered  as Busters and Herbs.

Sons try to kill their parents here in the Atlanta suburbs, one son sported a tattoo of a cross on his face indicating *he was about that life*

It's apparent, no word needed from the curbs!! some didn't realize the sport is complex, they didn't govern yourself accordinglytools / tricks of the trade are needed to deal with the toil and strife..

Plus it's apparent!! society will kick some to the curb, fools were throwing shade,  like knives to the back of Bill Cosby? defended by Damon Wayans?

Haters truth or dare it, but I'm not a buster or herb I knew what the cost will be, so I govern myself accordingly!! jokers can just release me like the New England Patriots did Reggie Wayne... 

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