Sunday, September 20, 2015

Breakbeat Scientific: Word From The Funky Drummer At The End Of Summer

 It's going down as we get breakbeat scientific; bear witness to this word from the funky drummer...

It's going down!! right here at the Autumn Equinox, plus the  Aries Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse; damn!! what a way to end the summer!!

Where were you found? down in Cuba like Pope Francis opposed by Chris Christie? or are you a Muslim opposed by Ben Carson  if you run for president? 

Where were you found? those that don't understand this call the thought and fashion police so they can censor; there's no benevolence..

The devil was supposedly in the details;  sensors indicate hell is like Hotlanta? Feeling the heat!! victory or defeat?  I'm *Sticking To The Original Plan*

We hope he fails was heard in the atmosphere like it was a Ghost Whisperer!!  who'll get with ya? American hostages were released from Yemen..

What's happening? this funky drummer still gets breakbeat scientific but some told me we don't understand you!! they even said the style was bootleg!! underground like tunnels in the Gaza..

Underground like narco-subs  when I hit you up with these good words and dubs!!  reckless like the old hooptie in a wreck at the plaza?

During the rush hour? wrecks around the corner at I-285 and  I-20 in Decatur, plus wrecks from an irrelevant issue debater at the GOP Debate 2015.

Cold crushing during this last hour!! we're getting breakbeat scientific!! bear witness to what this funky drummer is giving

Told them God is blessing you and me!! we're operating with *Diplomatic Immunity* *doing what we do*

Odd ones were stressing you and me!! but after God blesses us we're acting brand new / acting like we knew..

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