Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Govern Yourself Accordingly Per The Old School Baptisi Preacher (Act Like You Knew)

The summer is over with per the just passed Labor Day Holiday!! Joe Biden talked about it, it's a new beginning, plus football season is here;  who's working on a new play? 

This funky drummer continues to put work in blue collar style!! I told haters I'm not fooling with y'all per seasons / reasons;  per Barry White? Let The Music Play!!

I'm down south in the A-Town / Atlanta!!! I was walking through Underground Atlanta down by the Five Points MARTA Station where little homies layed it down!! they were cutting up!!  I heard an ATLien say keep it pimping / Play On Player..

MARTA was free for Labor Day, so some cats were unruly!! they'll play right into the hands of the system / matrix!! You know the apparatus will make us stay down!!!  no jobs / the economy bad; some will govern themselves accordingly, they learn how to say a prayer..

I'm in the heart of it, on the front lines of spiritual warfare!! Armor and Shield worn, another layer to my aura!! like imperialist policies leading to the European Refugee Crisis  this dude  could *Recognize The Pattern*

I govern myself accordingly after Observing The Scene;  soon *Ready To Roll* I'm On My Way!! moving through the galaxy at a High Velocity!!  just left Pluto spotted by the New Horizons, now approaching Mars, Saturn..

Retrograde Venus was bruising and battering my ego; word from this Scorpio!!  but as of today it's moving forward;  lessons were learned....

Retro-futuristic styles are played!! winning and losing? oh yes!! this Negro knows how the sport will go!! while taking the escape route? no bridges were burned!!

As the world turned per old school soap operas I wasn't letting anything or anybody stop us, plus I wasn't down with the  Phanton of the Opera!! 

As the world turned Ghost Protocol was the method used on this Mission Impossible!!

As I boiled the pot on the stove slow, I follow the directions of elders that were in the kitchen...

I govern myself accordingly like others should do or at least act like they knew; it wasn't simple, even though some keep wishing..

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