Monday, September 28, 2015

Lets Get It Started / Lets Get It Together

Once again it's on!!  lets get it started!! but my iPhone tried to prompt me to type let's get it together.!!

Once again it's on!!  your dude is rocking the red and black Louisville Cardinals hat due to the ATL rainy weather. 

TomorrowWorld 2015 was rained out?  meanwhile eviction notices are issued I'm trying to put the pain out!! Whatever said an ATLien rocking red and black Atlanta Falcon gear,  glad because they beat the Dallas Cowboys. 

Tomorrow? the world!! that's Pinky and The Brain type of visions!! those Donald Trump types need to kill that noise!!  

Maybe tomorrow like the Jacksons? please!! jokers told me it's #noneofyourbusiness so I stay in my lane, so I won't lose my poise!!

Meanwhile I checked the interactions; aliens and extraterrestrials slipped through the portal enabled by the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse; some said  they were filling voids. 

Check the style per the championship bout "weigh-ins"  some used roids to get their weight up. 

Check the style; I see drop down menus were accessible as some of these players didn't want to let it go!  karma will let you know the level of hate was turned up. 

Weed was burned up, authentic and synthetic!!  Trump said Jeb Bush was still on it. 

Indeed, lessons were learned!!  John Boehner even mentioned false prophets as we all recognize the opponent. 

Indeed!! deliberate falsehoods led to profits for corporations but we didn't abort operations!! we're on it!!  lets get it started!!  also prompted to get it together.

Indeed!!  jokers were acting false in the hood but we're on it!! peeping game / reading the TelePrompter!!  meanwhile a hater will say *whatever*

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