Friday, September 25, 2015

BreakBeat Scientific: Word From The Funky Drummer On A Funky Friday

This is word from the funky drummer on a Funky Friday; it seems I'm back on schedule, well somewhat...

I'm sticking and staying like old girl in the hood said, not resigning like John Boehner after hearing Pope Francis, can I get a what what?  

Drama will unfurl but not just in the hood, lawyers are on retainer per Bill Cosby after finding out what the cost will be!!

What's good? Pope Francis told the United Nations what wasn't as the world feels the pain due to unjust policies, that's where they lost me!!

Too hood,  so some won't understand us, relations can be shaky; this is word from the funky drummer not rolling like Nathan Shady Deal..

Down in Georgia? Confederate Flag emblem stays on the licence plate; representing a symbol of hate? so how would you feel?
So what's real?  *Recognize The Pattern* at the end of the day?  a brotha is still getting breakbeat scientific...

Basement and a backyard scientist!!  straight out of the lab,  the style is organic!!  check out  how we boom the Sonic Assault!! it's all natural when we come with this..

So what's up with this? others weren't natural with it,  it's like the ongoing crisis in Syria having some wanting to open the Doomsday Vault to see what it do..

Chef's from Hell's Kitchen  tell us *it's all gravy baby*  but then they act violently / viciously!! so we need to act like we knew..

These brothas will tell you it's Shady Like Grady err Tom Brady when we drop the Good Word;  Four Five Sixing It..

We get breakbeat scientific on this Funky Friday; this is word from the funky drummer as we hit you up with the beat and prose;  that's how we're kicking it...

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