Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This Is For Real!! This Is For Real PT.7 (It's Out Of Order)

What it do? the saga / struggle continues!! if it's not one thing it's another;  this is for real!! this is for real!! damn!! it don't stop!! it don't stop!!

What it do? a brotha will keep it moving; sometimes I have to sacrifice, but once again it's on; we didn't stop!! we didn't stop!!

Plus the madness didn't stop!!  in the meantime I'm entertained by Donald Trump vs Jeb Bush, it's like frick and frack..

 Plus the madness didn't stop!! opposition was met from all directions!! I'm trying to get over the hump like migrants to Europe!! support from the European Union they'll lack...

Guess who's back? I was dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie, while dude was dipping through in the GM Denali trying to stay a step ahead of the repo man!!

Guess who's back?  we weren't flipping out!! this is for real!! this is for real!! we're trying to post up where the truth will be!! maybe in Alaska per Denali instead of Mt. McKinley, so whatcha know man?

 So what it do? what will the style be? Labor Day approaches, the unofficial end of summer...

Seasons / Reasons change; Old schools / new schools; old rules? new rules? class is in session, O-Dog is the funky drummer...

Seasons / Reasons change, while the next school coaches; now some are like the GOP and immigration some want to close the border...

What will your mind do? where will we find you? this is for real!! this is for real!! but  somebody told us we were out of order..

What will your mind do? some will dip!! crossing the border like Lot leaving Sodom and Gomorrah!! things we're way too real!!

Once Again It's On.!! we rebuke the ongoing scheme / plot!! This Is For Real!! This Is For Real!!

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