Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dropping This Good Word On A Terrible / Terrific Tuesday (What's The Perspective?)

Word is dropped on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday;  what's the perspective?  O-Zone is rambling so he won't be stuck.

Word was dropped by Donald Trump talking about a new tax plan;  you know these gamblers are out for a fast buck. 

Then they'll dip in a fast truck hopefully not the Dodge Ram that was recalled. 

Slick like Volkswagen executives!!  some got out of Dodge after they collected their cash, then they balled. 

What's really going on? the masses are getting disrespected!! normal folk are getting hit up like its a dodgeball game. 

What's really going on? ghetto passes are revoked from Vladimir Putin types getting salty in the game...

What's really going on? inside jokes have some laughing after violent and vicious moves are made like it's Chicago,  while I told my granddaughter there's no justice no peace little lady!! 

These blokes are going all out!! O-Dog responds with a violent / vicious mix because the whole game is shady

Tokes were taken off the blunt by jokers saying it's all gravy baby!! soon they'll run for president like Jeb Bush...

O-Zone stokes the fire as I gather and hunt; while so called players we're like trying to get it in like Musique; In The Bush.

Danger zone residents will pull a stunt like the false prophets mentioned by John Boehner, jokers aren't discrete with it..

Danger zone reidents get victimized by deliberate falsehoods per corporate profits; who's seeing what it do? Visualize The Sequence..

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