Monday, September 21, 2015

Curiosity Was Aroused: Class Is Now In Session

Curiosity was aroused; seasons / reasons changed I guess due to the Autumn Equinox!! I spotted members only jackets, worn by old dudes.

This was back in fashion? spotted at the I-285 Flea Market on Glenwood in Decatur, wrong indicators? Black Mass? Mafioso? Cosa Nostra? members only in rackets? flexing old attitudes?

Any growth and development in Dekalb County? more than the hate committee will weigh in;  even when this brand new funk is playing scenarios aroused suspicion; under a cloud? altitude / longitude /  latitude calculated.

It's like a storm in the Carribean, but other spots are volatile; some cry out loud after their island is left devasted.

It's all game!! word from the player? a  brotha couldn't hate it like Aaron Rodgers vs Russell Wilson!! plus I couldn't debate it like GOP Presidential Candidates; little homie over in da hood told me it is what it is.

Dealing with jokers knocking hustles like Donald Trump and Ben Carson vs Muslims; flowing down stagnant waters affected by pollution and the policies from corrupt institutions per Daniel 11:31-45, plus the climate has changed!! Al Gore told you it has!!

Dealing with jokers? beats will thump and this good word is dropped!! they'll get slapped upside the head with the Sonic Blackjack..

Class in in session, maybe some will learn or go back to where they belong; per the Beatles get back jack!

Class is in session; getting back to square one like Buffalo Bills? all the balls had their proper weight..

Class is in session; Rick James mentioned L-7 Squares soon they get caught up in shady deals like dude over in Decatur trying to sell me a stolen HTC phone;  what's really going on? my people feeling the improper / proper  amount of hate? 

Class is in session; in these games? no honorable mention for those teams, no awards like Viola Davis...

Class is in session as we put it down like this!! accused of having Hazardous Material, they said we misbehave with this...  



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