Friday, May 28, 2010

The Return Of The Hot Messenger..Once Again It's On!!

they said I was a hot me the hot messenger

Things were a hot mess!! what's up with this? that's word from the Gulf Of Mexico..things are chaotic..hectic!! but some were loving it.

....please!! I'm not trying to impress a critic or pundit!! spotted others pushing and shoving for it.

Told ya!!check the mosques attacked in Pakistan!! some are loving it!! the drama!! who stressed us? a fanatic!! they tried to assume authority.

But out of there jurisdiction!! other fanatics told them there's no room in the territory!

Pure or pulp fiction? ultimate contradiction!! who tells the story?

We bring the pure funk!! plus were kicking knowledge..but like the BP Oil Spill whose placed on hold? caught up in red tape and bureacracy.

West End Louisville was locked down during the Kentucky Derby..but heard its a democracy?

It gets way too real!!! who will recognize the hypocricy?

Plans are exposed for rocking me and my kinfolk!! trying to strand us.

Out here out there on the Titanic sinking did love abandon us?

Ain't no love!! no justice no peace!! it's like being attacked by Israeli warplanes in the Gaza Strip!! fanatics cause chaos and mayhem.

They're loving it!! the hot mess!! some get paid during the process! others lose money like banks closing...the rest of us are praying.

Not playing around with these folk!! this bruh wasn't feeling their spirit.

They tried to play a bruh like a joker!! even tried to play my folk..CIA drones fly!! but I stayed strong I didnt fear it.

A bruh went for broke!! beyond the hot mess!! but they said I didnt clear it with proper authorities.

Check this hot messenger with broken beats and english!! breaking you off proper when we tell these stories.

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