Saturday, May 22, 2010

Breaking Off A Little Piece!!

Mind playing tricks on them like the Geto Boys!! song from back in the day.

Give them a piece of my heart like Janis Joplin...a peace of my mind? sources of illumination and clarification..was I back in the way?

Minds were on vacation!! were they on tropical islands? or taking a three hour tour like Gilligan?

Travels like Gulliver!! stranded like Robinson Crusoe's on once again!!

Dark Mystery unraveler!! that's what's up with a bruh!! like Smokie Robinson I will cruise!! though up in the hooptie.. listening to some old Public Enemy.

Winning some!! but will lose though!! it's all game!! Democrats and Republicans are mad at me.

Beginning some!! choosing to accept assignments!! though they said missions are impossible.

Defending attacks at the palace!! haters show malice!! the situation is critical ...haters will try to stop a bro!!

They see me going for what I know!! didn't accept the status quo!! moved on to to something else.

Internal and external stimuli was present!! meant to threaten my spiritual health.

Material wealth trapped some!! dollar and the euro are week! even though in these rough economic times the cashflow is needed.

The baptist preacher said we didnt need a whole lot of money to do what God wanted us to do!! during the pursuit of cash? progress is impeded.

Sense of purposes defeated? we were distracted!! others were weeded or drunk.

Check how we work this we dropped the good word and brand new funk.

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