Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's All Game....They Even Said They Had Game!!

..................shady like grady...........

They bragged!! said they had game!! but like Phoenix Suns.. they lacked offense and defense!!

They swagged and surfed!! what's it all worth? it's based on visions they had!! looking on the other side of the fence.

Hope they weren't surfing in the Gulf of Mexico.. meanwhile a brotha continues to the ill circumstance? astro turf gave player players bad knees and the turf toe!!

Floating through the galaxy aka the stream of consciousness....the cosmic slop is like a cosmic bullet; I'm dropping funk on earth below.

A bruh has work to do!!! that's word from BP!!... plus word from the Isley Brothers.

Heard the word on the curb!! what are they trying to do to you? like Johnny Guitar Watson they had real mothers.

....For ya!! from The Gaza Strip to Florida!! haters even tried to hit up Times Square.

What it do? Florida from Good Times said Damn Damn Damn!! while Rick James busted out of L-7 square!

As we go there!! damn!! slick ones had games!! slick with it and sick with it.

Not an Easy Rider like Dennis Hopper!! Alarms go off!! security heightens...while a bruh enlightens!! but telling you..there's a trick to it.

Good word dropped!! funk kicked to it!! but that's business as usual.

"Aint no love" morale was low!! but Tom Jones said to be loved by someone is not unusual!!

Act like you knew a bro!! O-Zone is putting it down.

O-Dog launched the Sonic Assault!! due to the hell we caught!! now entering attack zones....bringing the sound.

Standing our ground!! authorities trump up charges!! they're litigating actresses and actors.

Knew what was going down!! did the math!! I studied the mitigating factors.

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