Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just Tripping........Out Here and Out There....

out there like the space shuttle atlantis

Out there like the Space Shuttle Atlantis..soon on the way back..Listening to Donald Byrd..Places and Spaces I've been.

What's the Good Word? what was I chasing? calculated the races I lose..and the races I win.

What's the word? you heard Rand Paul talk that talk...the faces I'm in? genuine...or a mask worn like Zorro?

What's up with the cases I'm in? will I lose? will I win? man accused of shooting Dolla gets off..but authorities don't want me to see tomorrow.

Instead of wallowing in pain and sorrow a bruh will move forward.

Maintaining focus!! not reaching comatose..I Exercise Power like a forward.

Going harder than Dwight Howard!! gaining on and passing a coward!! in the last hour they were entering the mode of least resistance!! they fell into Babylon's trap.

...From dealing with Wall Street crooks to entering danger zones where the guns clap.

I'm going in!! I strap on the hardhat with the lantern on top like a West Virginia coal miner.

Rest in peace to those that were to the ones in heaven is where well find ya.

No justice no peace!!rolling seven and eleven up in the Louisville project crap game.

Too gully for Las Vegas and Atlantic City!! prosecution will object because I said it's all game.

Didn't fool me!! but I bear witness to those caught up in the game that's shady like grady.

They were fooled by the belligerence!! dude said it was all gravy baby!

Whose that lady by the Isley Brothers was heard in the background.

But it was the daughter of chaos..proving the theory so player players need to back down.

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