Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dey No Worry Me....

dude said don't worry about it...

What's the deal? O-Dog puts work in!! what's up? now the funk is played.

Dey No Worry Me!! What's the deal? what's up? old girl pulled out the spray!! the Lysol and Glade.

Whose mad at a bruh? I exposed the masquerade like George Benson.

Whose mad at a bruh? martial law in Chicago? rights and priviledges soon under suspension.

Not Worried about them..seems they're worried about me though!! how's the weather? dark clouds of suspicion roll into this dimension.

Dude said whatever...wasn't worried about it... didn't believe Al Roker's forecast!! wasn't down with him.

Dey No Worry Me!! the attitude? I Sonic Assault them with the steady bombardment!!

They'be been rude with it!! from Reagonomics to the Great Recession!! the heart of it.

Whose part of it? the conspiracy..the new world order ...even skull and the illuminatti?

New American Century? what will the venture be? from Venezuela to Atlanta to Cincinnatti!!

Holla at me!! what will the deal be? the American dream? is it for my kinfolk?

Macro and micro economics manipulated by Wall Street!! but I've been broke.

Dealt with the next level dramatics!! been in on the inside joke!! but not laughing.

Next episode goes down!! it's like Thailand..audience wonders what it do!! they said I must be smoking Thai sticks..check the math I bring.

Street code is followed on this I bring this breakbeat science.

Not in the mode of least resistance..peeped game..all are suspects!! whose down with the dangerous minds?

In the danger zone! it's like European volcanic's similar to the Smoke & Mirrors land mines are planted!! plus roadside bombs!! that's what the deal is!!

But dey no worry me!! From Pakistan to Afghanistan to Atlanta is where the real is.


Dont Worry About It Mix by omanxl1

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